Media Conversion Service

Media Conversion and Hosting Service

Conversion of client-supplied media into a consistent, web-friendly format. And hosting of the content using highly scalable media storage suitable for streaming.

JSZA will convert your audio or video content, regardless of the source (Flip camera, memory card, video tape, DVD, etc) into a consistent format. It is playable on a wide variety of internet devices including Computers (MAC and PC), iPad, iPhone, other mobile phones and tablets.

Streaming is done using a cross-platform player that feeds Flash video to computers, HTML5 format to devices such as iPhone, iPad.

Basic editing is included which means we will "cut" your original media into separate clips, or "graft" several clips into a single clip. Examples of this include:

- Cutting a 2 hour video tape into 5 separate chapters

- Grafting the 10 tracks on an audio CD into a single audio clip.

Editing beyond this description is not included such as adding titles, music, editing sound track, fades or other effects, etc.

All media is rounded up to next minute of length. Charges are rounded up to full hours for billing.

Base rate: $75 per hour of media.

Tiered rates for "projects".  A project is defined as a set of media that is all from the same source to be converted at the same time.  Since there can be some efficiency gained when converting a set of media with all the same settings or format, a tiered pricing scheme is available. JSZA reserves the right to determine whether a set of media qualifies for the project tiered pricing.

"Project" based media conversion tiers:

1-10 hours of media: $75 per hour of media
11-25 hours of media: $70 per hour of media
26-100 hours of media: $60 per hour of media
101-250 hours of media: $45 per hour of media



A note on Copyright.  The client assumes all responsibilities regarding copyright. The client must obtain the permission of the rightful copyright owner for all content used. We are often asked to use video or audio content not created by JSZA or the client and this can become a problem. JSZA is acting on the clients behalf to edit, convert and host client-supplied content.