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Why PayPal?

Why does use PayPal for its payment system?

Many companies accept credit cards directly as payment for their services and many people do not like using PayPal.  So, why does prefer PayPal and not accept credit cards directly as well?

- Protects clients since never “sees” or comes in contact your credit card number, so has no record of it. If the website or database is ever hacked and stolen, your precious credit card data in NOT in the database.
- Its quite easy to use. PayPal no longer requires setting up a PayPal account for most forms of payment.
- Processes thousands of transactions, including the majority of eBay payments.
- Complete email transaction history for both the client and
- PayPal is built around a very secure infrastructure to protect all transactions
- All processing done by SSL encrypted processes. Keeps prying eyes out of our transaction. Some websites accept payment information without this key security feature.

- Easy to set up subscriptions / recurring billing payments.
- It would take an expensive development effort to duplicate the security of PayPal and would mean that comes in contact with your credit card number at some point.