Convert your Business Email to GMail

UPDATE: As of Dec 10, 2012, Google Apps for Business is no longer free. Bummer. If you signed up before this date, you can continue to use it for free. but for new signups, its $50 per user per year. There is also Google Apps for nonprofits, which is free, if your organization qualifies.

Do you have Google's GMail email service for your personal email?

And you like it because:

- it has large space for storage (10GB and growing)
- It works seemlessly on your smartphone: Android or iPhone
- Powerful search functions, labels, and more

But, for your small business, you have email through the same company that hosts your website and you hate it:

- You have to pay extra monthly fees for basic service or extra $$ for more storage
- The web email interface is crappy and antiquated
- Getting email to work on your smartphone was a pain or you can't get it to work at all
- There is no calendar, no task list, no decent contact manager, no place to store non-email documents and files

Did you know that there is NO reason that you have to host your email service at the same place you host your website?

You can host your email service for small business on Google's GMail (Google Apps for Business) service.

You get all the same features you'd expect from GMail

Cost is $50 per user per year. Or you may qualify for free under Google for Non-Profits program.

For $100, JSZA will move your email service from its current provider over to Google Apps for Business.

JSZA will work with you to move your email service from its current provider over to GMail (Google Apps for Business).

We will do this in a manner as to not lose a single email.

We will also help you get it configured on your smartphone (this is the easy part).

This task will take a few steps over several days and requires that you have access to configure your domain DNS.