Website Hosting hosting pricing:

Standard "content" type website. $240 per year. If SSL encryption is needed, $480 per year.

JSZA uses a "Content Management System" (CMS) to construct your website. This allows your site to grow and change over time. CMS are built on a modular design so adding new features such as a blog or discussion forum, events, email lists (newsletters) or online store can be added later without negating or damaging the content in place.

Also, you can have the ability to create users inside your site that have controlled permissions up to and including editing site content. The client can grow into the role of editing and controlling their own website content over time. JSZA would welcome and encourage you to take ownership of your own website content, but it is not required.


The basic assumption for this service is the website will be a typical, small business web presence with modest web traffic. This is rather a vague description. But, perhaps 20 pages or less of content. All the typical features of "Contact Us" form, Home page, About Us, Company logo, maybe a promo video or two, etc.  Once the site is up and running, the site is mostly static, limited to a few content changes per year. If your idea of a website is more elaborate than this, contact us to discuss the details.

JSZA is using CMS software known as Drupal. Drupal is a well known website tool used by many large and popular websites. The official U.S. Whitehouse website runs on Drupal. Some of our older clients are using a CMS known as DotNetNuke. The client can eventually grow into the role of site-level admin permissions if they desire. JSZA will retain "host" level administration permissions.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) website:

To conduct online learning, a "Course Management System" (the other CMS), is used. This allows online students to enroll in a course and follow the course activities step by step. Assignments, homework, file uploads, discussion forums, quizzes and other gradeable activities are all included.

The site owner can charge money (via Paypal, for example) to "buy" a course.  The student can receive a printed certificate of course completion.  A VLE system can be a profitable revenue stream for a small business that provides training or other forms of "information" or learning.

JSZA will host a VLE system for the client, taking care of all the system administration details such as configuration, backups, updates, etc. The client will receive "editing teacher" type permissions. That is, you can edit the contents of the designated courses. You will not be able to create additional courses freely.

JSZA is using the Course Management Software: Moodle 2.x+

Cost: $ per site, plus $ per course, plus $ per student.  Can be negotiated as a commission per paying student if your business model is to charge per student.


- limit on number of free student sign ups.  $payment per student after limit is reached.

- You will be assigned "Editing Teacher" status per course with ability to edit the existing course, grade work, etc.

- No ability to create new courses or otherwise edit the system

See our related service for VLE Course Development work.



Website Hosting includes:
- DNS hosting and editing (optional, client retains ownership of domain itself)
- Web traffic analytics (Google Analytics)
- Daily backups. we backup the entire server, database, software, files.
- Software updates. We update the server software and the application software.
- Active site monitoring. We know when your site is failing before anyone else.
- Domain name redirection ( prefix www redirects to no-www prefix, for example). If you own multiple domain names, you can direct the multiple domain names to your single website (redirect) or have multiple, separate websites.

This also includes all the work needed to get your website up and running. If you have an existing website, JSZA will convert it to our platform. If you have no website, we will help you create one. JSZA is not a design firm, however.  So, we can provide only limited abilities when it comes graphic design, page layout, etc. You might consider hiring a web design firm separately, then JSZA will construct a website using the supplied design.

JSZA will manage all the technical details of hosting your site. Backups, DNS management, monitoring, software upgrades, etc.

Email service is not provided by JSZA Enterprises, LLC. We recommend using "Google Apps". Provides Email, Calendar, Documents and more.